June 2021

Visitors to the Sanctuary will notice quite a few standing, dead trees surrounding the marsh edges.  This is due to the exceptionally high water levels of last year that flooded some forest areas.  Many trees do not tolerate prolonged flooding so ended up dying. 

 While this may seem unfortunate, it is part of the natural cycle of a wetland as water levels change.  These dead trees will no doubt end up harbouring many insects that a variety of birds will be attracted to over the years – good for the birds and the bird watchers out there!

Speaking of birds, there seems to be a real diversity of waterfowl attracted to the Sanctuary this year including lots of Northern Shovelers, Blue-winged Teals and Ruddy Ducks.  You may also have the chance to view Yellow-headed Blackbirds, the official emblem of the site, that seem to have returned in much greater numbers this year.