Visiting Guidelines

Responsible Sanctuary Use

  • Stay on designated trails, boardwalks, and viewing platforms.
  • Watch wildlife from a distance, avoid nesting sites and do not disturb animals.
  • Please do not pick flowers or remove plants from the Sanctuary.
  • Try not to disrupt the wildlife viewing activities of others.
  • Biking on the trails is not permitted.
  • Paddling on the marsh is not allowed due to disturbance to waterfowl.
  • Dogs are welcome, but they must remain on leash at all times. Also, please pick up after your dog to keep the Sanctuary clean for all visitors.
  • There is no hunting allowed on the site.
  • Geocaches are not allowed on the property due to damage caused by off-trail use.
  • Do not leave bird seed on the picnic tables and viewing platforms of the Sanctuary. The site is a natural habitat for wild animals and it is best that wildlife not be fed.  The picnic tables are for guests to sit, relax and have lunch  — please keep them clean.
  • Please do not hang up feeders on the site as they can become an eyesore if not maintained and if not filled regularly the birds that have become dependent on this food source may suffer.
  • Hours of operation are: one hour before sunrise to sunset.  Users of the Sanctuary and parking lot outside of these hours may have their license plate number recorded and reported to the RCMP for security reasons.
  • Visitors use the site at their own risk.

The Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary is a protected area in Parkland County with four hiking trails that are perfect for all ages to enjoy wildlife watching.