Mammal Species observed in the Sanctuary

  • Pygmy shrew – found in moist areas in forest, damp meadows, riparian areas and dried sloughs
  • Little brown myotis (bat) – in hollow trees, buildings, near water or woods
  • Snowshoe hare – forests and shrubland
  • Richardson’s ground squirrel – grassland, fields and open forest edges
  • Red squirrel – coniferous and mixed forest
  • Northern flying squirrel – coniferous and mixed forest
  • Northern pocket gopher – grassland, fields, shrubland and open forest
  • Beaver – open water slough areas near shrubs or trees
  • Deer Mouse – grassland, forest, shrubland
  • Southern red-backed vole – damp or moist woods or grassland
  • Meadow vole – moist grassland, fields, deciduous forest, shrubland
  • Common muskrat – slough and wetland areas
  • Meadow or Western jumping mouse – moist meadows, shrubland, riparian areas
  • Common porcupine – forests, fields, wooded areas
  • Coyote – grassland, shrubland, open woods
  • Red fox – open areas with brush or wooded shelter
  • Least weasel – grassland, fields, shrubland, open woods, marshes
  • White-tailed deer – open areas near cover, forest, shrubland, and fields
  • Moose – forests, wetlands, riparian areas, shrubland

The Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary is a protected area in Parkland County with four hiking trails that are perfect for all ages to enjoy wildlife watching.