June 2016 News

An interesting thing that you may notice at this time of year is that the baby birds (fledglings) are now out and about with their parents – flapping their wings and chirping as they beg to be fed.  Ironically the “baby” is sometimes larger looking than the parent because of the fluffiness of its feathers.  You may also see some Canada Goose goslings swimming in formation behind an adult and perhaps also young American Coots (sporting reddish feathers if still on the younger side). The continued rains in June have resulted in the Sanctuary being very lush and green with the appearance of summer flowers like twinflower, bunchberry, and fireweed.  Of particular note – the wild roses are especially beautiful and plentiful this year.  Mosquitos have also started to appear, which may be annoying to us, but they offer plentiful food for the many tree swallows you will see swooping over the water of the Sanctuary.